December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky




Sabrina sneezed out of sleep, lifting her body up to scan her sorrounding. She was startled finding herself in the same place she’d collapsed yesterday….the cave!

She rose to her feet immediately and ran her hand over her body, as if to make sure she can feel her body and is still alive.

Why is she here?, yes she remembered her journey to the beauty land. She’d only stepped her feet on the ground when she vanished and appeared here. How is that?

Is this where she’s supposed to be? and where the solution to her problem lies…?

“You’re awake,”the sorceress came out from an unknown room and walked up to her, stopping at her back

She turned immediately and shifted back as soon as her eyes met the woman’s. It dawned on her that she wasn’t the same woman in all white she had saw first on her disappearance here

“Please ma’am….”her voice shook even when she was finally out of her daze,”Can you please open up this cave and let me go back to where I am coming from?”

The sorceress burst into a laughing fit at her outburst….then after a moment, had her face built up back into a straight one

And she couldn’t just ignore how much beauty she possesses, she’s the most prettiest woman she’d ever seen apart from the woman who had appeared to her on her entry here yesterday.

“I thought you were here for something dear daughter?, and no one just appear here without his or her prior decision to take something away from this place. Beauty is what this place gives out and I don’t need to ask if that’s what you’re here for”the sorceress said it all to her dismay.

She blinked furiously, quite amazed at her knowledge

“I came for beauty, yes; that’s what am here for. The pain and suffering am getting from my ugliness is killing me slowly but…..”she stated before going on a confusing trail off

“No buts. The beauty you shall get….”the sorceress cuts into her thoughts.

“Any ugly human who comes here must get the beauty this land possesses. As it’s forbidden for a ugly being to step onto this land”the sorceress added, leaving no room for any kind of protest from her

“O…kay ma’am,”she nodded her head, finally giving in

“Am ready to take beauty away from this land”the sorceress smiled on hearing this, she snapped her fingers together and two young handsome men ran in

Truly…..Beauty stays nowhere else but here

“Take her inside the room,”the sorceress told the men, pointing towards her

She walked forward and one of the mean lead the way while the second followed behind her

“And remember, a sacrifice has to be made”the sorceress said. She stopped at the room’s door when the woman’s voice came to her…..There’s no turning back right?, so she took the last step, finally stepping in.

Magadascar Kingdom…..9:30am!

Sabrina work up from the dream she had been entrapped in for the past 14hours, her eyes was the first thing she opened and on seeing she’s back to life and in her room, she jerked the bedsheets away and ran out of bed

She dashed into the toilet with great speed and the mirror was the first thing she ran to and positioned herself before with eyes shut

Right now, anxiety rushed through her veins as the thought of opening her eyes and her ugly bad luck face staring back at her. It really Ṣūçƙs her up; the fear.

What if she opens up her eyes and she meets another thing entirely….? What If she now possesses beauty like that of the beauty land’s??

Yes, what it?

This second thought gave her all the encouragement she needed, she began to open her eyes little by little

Until it’s now widely opened and on her reflection

Wait; Whaaat?? Her eyes widened with utmost surprise

Tell her this is her face?, like her face now for real?!

She jumped up in excitement and ran up and down the room, her eyes gleaming fulfilling. Words would fail her right now to express her happiness, this is it, this is what she’d always wanted.


Royal palace……..Madagascar!

A maid knocked at the door with caution, her hand holding a tray of different dishes coupled with a rare wine. She stood there for a while and when she heard no reply, she was about leaving when the guard positioned at the door ran over.

“Miranda wait!, if he’s not answering then you go in. It’ll be more worse if you take the food back and leave the prince hungry”he told her, drawing out a point she found reasonable

“That’s right,”she nodded and turned back to the door, he helped her to open it and she walked in with the tray

After her entry, he closed the door.

“Your meal prince,”she bowed her head, her hands behind her in curtsy after placing the tray of food on his a table beside his study table.

He was scribbling down on a note his hands moving alongside with it in sync, a straight face maintained. His posture was that of royalty, he has a golden ring on his left hand middle finger.

Miranda left his room and not long after princess Nadia stepped in

“Luciano Myles Garrett…”she cooed into his ear, hugging him from the back, her hands wrapped around his neck

“Nadia….I’m freaking busy”A grunt left his mouth. That was the first word that first came out of his mouth today. He hasn’t stepped out of his the palace neither his room today

“Save that for later Myles”she put her index finger on his lips, hushing him to stop talking, “You’re taking a walk with me”she told him and winked, urging him to stand up with a hand signal

“The guards can go with you, besides, Rowen or Seth are very much available….No disturbance please, Nadia” he said with a voice of finality before facing his previous position, wanting to continue his dealings

“No excuses!”she shook her head and before he knew it, she’d dragged her with all her strength out of his seat

“At least now the seat will be able to breath,,,, pity the poor soul, brother”she said, putting on a pitiful frown

“Nadia….!”he called her name with a raise in his voice

“My name?, Yeah…..that me”she grinned at him and pulled him out of the room, the guard smiled happily at this. A rare thing for prince Luciano to be out of his room.


Sabrina ran out wildly out of her house to the neighbours surprise, their eyes was kitted in confusion to discover if who had just ran out was Sabrina. Her clothes and her house where she ran out of is the only hint of recognition they could get

Sabrina was far distance away from home and was on the path to the palace. She doesn’t mind running into another kingdom, Right now, she wants to do nothing more than running.

And she gave the wind just one assignment of having to blow more breeze of fulfillment in her.

She stopped when she was about to reach the marketplace and breathe in a long air of satisfaction, she turned herself around and closed her eyes humming in savory

“Yes…..I am now who I want to be”she said, giving herself a thumb up

Prince Luciano and princess Nadia had reached the end of the marketplace, he almost continued his work but Nadia told him to stop

“I’m just going to shop for a little thing here,ok?”she chuckled when he didn’t reply, she nudged him forward childishly and ran into the last shop ending the market

He just shook his head and turned around, to see the most prettiest face his eyes had ever gotten the chances to see

Sabrina turned and saw a small pool of dirt water caused by last night’s rain, it won’t hurt playing a kid’s game in celebration right?? So she went ahead with it

Hopping up, she flew in the hair and jumped on her leg inside the water, it splashed around to a few distance only to meet with someone’s cloth

Sabrina immediately stepped back from the water to see who she’d done that too.

Prince Luciano was shocked to the narrow bone. A dirt water was just splashed on his priceless royal attire!. How could see???

He raised his head up with his eyes burning with fury and immediately it collided with Sabrina’s……she knew heaven had better make way for her.

Prince Luciano of Magadascar Kingdom!.
Oh death; Why now??

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