December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


A Week Later💌


Sabrina fought through dozziness, her hands by her jaw and her eyes closing and opening at each intervals.

The boring maths class made her lost so much interest that she feels like giving in to sleep that’s already at her door, knocking

She snapped her eyes opened, almost falling into sleep again for the upteenth time

She glanced all over the class to see that almost all the class was having their head on the locker, sleeping

Mr Zachary should be given a record soon for the special ability of creating the most boring class ever

If it doesn’t come soon enough, Sabrina herself with have to let the world know of the special man

“It’s all over..!”A deep sigh of relieve escaped her lips. When after about ten minutes, the bell was rang.

She got up instantly…

Open her locker and started packing

When she is done packing her things, she head to the cafeteria

And held her stomach as it made noises

She scrunched up her noise at the meaning

Maybe because she wasn’t look ahead of her, it just happened

“Heck!”she bumped into someone

And held her noise which has just been knocked over by the small accident

“Am sorry.”she heard the person say

And looked up to take a look

She held her burning noise as it still pains, the girl before her also had her nose held

It pains her too, she guess

It brought damage only to her but also the unfamiliar face

“I wasn’t looking”

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking”

Coincidentally, they both said at the same time

Their eyes widened at each other’s similar outbursts

“Haha…!!”they both laughed

“But honestly, I was the one who wasn’t looking,”the girl said, her face plain

“No I was the one, I wasn’t looking,,”she tried to protest

They sighed and shook their heads at once

“It hurts pretty bad though,”she caresses her nose, as she forced a smile on

“But am happy meeting the pretty girl everyone has been talking about, geez! Won’t you take #1 and take the position from Anita this year….she has been awarded the most prettiest for three years now”the girl told her

“Glad we collided into each other,,”she attempted a joke and the girl lightly laughed

“I’m Emma by the way,,”the girl, now known as Emma brought over her hand for a shake

And she gladly took it, returning her smile.

School’s Cafeteria****

Austen was picking slowly on his food, his friends are present but are so lost in their conversation that they didn’t sense anything wrong

Anita smiled down at her lasagna and wants to start eating when her eyes, on its own went to locate Austen

Austen who was still keeping his patience at one place lost it on seeing Anita before him

He suddenly felt like throwing up

His eyes also flashed with anger

His hand tightened against his cutlery

Which soon dropped back on the plate as a result of too much pressure

His chest falls and rose by each seconds

“Hello boy!, I,,,”

He stood up and started walking away, not wanting to hear a word from her

“Seems like he’s pissed, I will go back to my table,,”Anita smiled down at Austen’s friend before giving them a flirty wink and walking back to their table

“What’s up with Austen?”they each had a confused look

Seth told his driver to stop the car at the school’s parking plot

He stepped out with the aura of wealth and royalty around him

Students starts chattering and muttering among themselves about him

Crowds soon start to build up at the royal face

He has brown set of eyes, a silver ring on his middle fingers, his hair all styled

He isn’t dressed in a normal cloth like trousers and shirt but a special attire worn by just the royal family

Just a minute of entering the school, girls had started gawking and drooling over his body

👥I think he is from a royal family👥

👥He looks so d*mned wealthy 👥

👥 What a cutie…am drooling already 👥

👥I have a class but don’t mind getting a detention over this beauty from heavy 👥

“So, prince Seth…how do we find her?”asked his driver, coming over to his side

‘God! Let me set my eyes on her again so I can confess how much damage she has done to my body, how can I love her within such little space of time’Seth thought inwardly to himself

Before saying,,”We shall go round all the classes, or wait; I will go and meet the principal to get me the most prettiest girl in this school,,it’s my father’s school anyways”

The driver nodded and they started walking off

Sabrina excused herself from the cafeteria and left Emma to get their different orders

She ran into the washroom and released everything before sighing out

She has always heard keeping too much urine in is way too dangerous

She washed her face and after few minutes, she raised her hand to open the door

But a masked up guy had opened it before her

She flinched back as the masked guy entered closing the door

From his fury in walking real fast closer to her, it’s sure he has no time to waste

“Who….are…yyou!??”her voice shook as she managed to ask

But that’s all she was chanced to mutter

He held her neck tightly that her breathing hanged

He then pinned her hard and roughly against the glassy wall

That as soon as her head met with it and hits it real hard

She fainted into his hold…her breathing gone!

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