December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


A clubhouse****

At a certain club, loud music filled the whole place. Both boys and girls dancing and moving their bodies to the beats.

Anita and her friends burst in, all of them in party outfits.

Anita sauntered off to the podium and starts to twist and twerk, each of her moving rhyming with each beats.

“Yeah…let’s party…”A dirty smirk was on Anita’s face as she shouted over the loud music to her friends.

They all ran to stay beside her and off they went, dancing nonstop.

She twerked down and chattering filled the club immediately at her skills.

👥Wow, look at her d*mned curves 👥

👥She looks so pretty!👥

👥Look at her moves…what a skill👥

👥I wish I can schedule dancing classes with her👥

👥Rock it down baby girl!!!!👥

Anita smiled at the hailing, happy they found her impressive

But she keep looking at the entrance as she dance on

Her eyes telling she’s waiting for someone’s entry

She took her eyes away to face the guy beside her, he winks at her seductively

“Hey baby, shall we take this dance together?”he asked, stretching out his hand for her to take

“Nope, not interested.”she shook her head as a ‘no’

“Don’t be strong-headed, we can rock this together you know,,,”he said

Pushing on even after the simple rejection

“I think I told you am not interested and…”

She couldn’t complete her words as a strong hand caught her by the arm and flipped her around

“What the f*vk were you trying to tell me on the phone?”his voice was edgy

Anita smiled seeing it’s exactly who she has been expecting

“Wow Luciano, you arrived here sooner than I’d expected.”she smiled, in a teasing tone

“I f*vking asked you a question, am not here to tackle out words with you.”he was serious, dead serious

She looked down at his hand was that still holding her arm, his hold gentle and soft

He also traced her eyes down to their hands before looking up at her

“You have such a beautiful hand prince, it feels so soft against my skin,,”she let him know, her face gleaming

He immediately released her hand

And smirked,”Now tell me what was the main reason you called me over here and if that you texted was true or not,,I know how tricky you can be, Anita.”


Before she was able to say a word, he dragged out with him

He drew the door aside and out of the club he went with her

He stopped and dropped her hand, stepping back away from her

“Now, speak up and let’s get this done with”he requested, his patience wearing out

“Come on Luce, chill. Let’s go back in there and drink up, they have different glossy wines.”she said

“So you lied to get me here?,,”he wasn’t finding it any funny

“I had to prince, since it’s hard to get your attention this days. Am sorry, ok?”she said with a sorry face which changed up quickly into a smile

“Heck,,!”he grunt, pissed off.

And without sparing one last look at her, he turned and walked away

“Luciano!!”she called after him, on her heels as she chased to catch up with him

“Am going back, don’t you understand?”he had to stop as she had obstructed his way

“Please just stay here with me,,I didn’t even bring my car thinking we will drop me off at my house later tonight”she pouted her lips at him sadly

“Then take a walk home,,”he shrugged nonchalantly

“Walk?? My house is far from here Luce. I will die before I even reach home,,”she starts to fake a tear

He didn’t reply but just walked past her

But before he could, she was already before him again

“Please,, don’t…”she was still pleading when she suddenly let out a cry

“Arrgh, my leg…”she held her left leg, squatting forward

He just smirked, looking at her with disbelieve

“Oh Christ!, Help prince…I think something just sting me,,, Geez!!”she winched bitterly

He breathed in, trying to stay calm and not rage out

“I will take you home,,”he said hesitating a bit

And without waiting, he started walking the way to his car

She looked at him and frowned,,,

“I can’t walk, prince Luce. It pains so much….just please and please..!”she said

He heard this and turned to look at her, his chest raising and falling

It was obvious he’s trying all his best not to explode in anger,,

“Please prince,,”she muttered

He shook his head and walked back to her, he carried her in his arms on reaching her

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips

“Thanks for not leaving me behind,,”she told him, managing to keep her voice low so as not to encounter any suspiciousness from him towards her

He walked the direction of his car, not sparing her a glance

“Uhm prince Luce,,I thought you are going to take me back into the club”she asked

She wouldn’t deny how much she likes this position in his arms

How much she wants to put her hands around his neck his time

The way his cologne smells enchantingly, it makes her want to have him all to herself…. forever!

“It’s your choice, you either let me drop you here and you walk back to that f*vking club with your own feets or you keep shut now and let me drop you off at your house before I loose it.”he spoke angrily

His eyes looking forward and not by any chance on her

“Sorry, but I will choose you to take me home”she replied, not daring to argue further

He stopped beside his car and let one of his hand off under her legs, then used it to open the back door

“No prince, I don’t want to seat at the back but beside you at the front so I can see clearly when we are almost at my house,,”she quickly protested before he could put her in

“F*vk that I had to run up here,,”he cussed in regret

And she smiled inwardly, happy at their closeness

He closed back the backseat door and moved to the passanger’s, opening it

He bent a little and dropped her on the seat

He wanted to stand up straight since he has already got her on seat but she didn’t release her hands around his neck

“Cooperate and let me drive you home now that am still in a good mood,,”he warned her, his voice soft

Thinking she will heed to his warning now, he made to rise up straight

She didn’t let him off the hook, at least not now

She pulled him back to herself gently by his shirt collar and before he could say a word or protest

She slammed her lips against his, K!SSing him so passionately….

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