December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


“Yes?, What do you want from me this time boy?”Sabrina inquired from him, jerking her hand out of his hold as soon as they are at the corner

“You’ve been running away from me pretty much ever since you resumed school,,,are you afraid of me hurting you again?”he asked her, a smirk on his face

“Even if I don’t avoid you, I can’t remember having any business with you before.”she answered

Hearing her reply, he ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

“Why are you always being a b**tch?”he choosed to ask this instead

“What do you have to say to me?, Am busy and have got no time to waste arguing here with you.”

He so knew she was pissed off already so he decided to finally speak up,,,

“It’s about Anita though, isn’t it obvious she is not someone you can mess with?. You shouldn’t try to ride on her now that you’re…..”he stopped at some point

“…. Beautiful and such. There’s something coming your way Sabrina. I think it will be better if you just stay off her lane now that you can.”he told her

“Am beautiful, really Ronald?”she asked him, raising her brow as she smiled

“Gosh Sabrina, of all I’ve just said, is that the word you were able to hear??”he couldn’t believe her

“Maybe,,”she sent him a pretty wink

“Whatever, if you like heed to my warning or the other way round. Am out of here,”he rolled his eyes and starts to walk away

Seeing him gone, she placed her hands by her hips as she became serious

“Anita? What’s she planning to do with me??”she stared blankly before her.


The palace****

Luciano paced about his room after his parents and the doctor have gone out, his hair was ruffled and it was evident he has been running his hands through it many times today

He was now feeling okay, no more pains

He remembered how his parents and the doctor stared weirdly at him when he shouted for them to get out of his head and let him be

They must be thinking he’s going nut but no!…only him knows what’s going on with him

He sat down on his bed tiredly

And buried his face in his palms as he sighed

“I’m not okay…yes, I know. And I can’t be okay as long as they keep disturbing me to come over.”he mumbled to himself in restlessness

He quickly shut closed his eyes when he felt his head starts to spin

Who is he going to explain himself to?

“Cut off that thinking Luce, they will just say it to your face that ‘you are insane’ cause there’s no way on earth anyone will believe that…”he shut down his thinking as fast as it came

Maybe he would have gone further though if not for the snapping knock that came on his door

“Come in.”he urged whoever was outside

The door opened and was closed a few seconds after

“Hello Luciano,”he heard Seth’s voice

He lifted his head up,,,

“Uhm good afternoon,”he responded, making his face blank of any expression

One that Seth won’t see through even if he tries

“I know you are mad at me brother…yes, I know. I failed to take us out to the club like I promised that day,,am so sorry.”as Seth sat down on the chair across him, he said

“It’s fine, I was also busy that same day. I might not even follow you that day,,”he let him know

“Really? Thanks for letting it go then,”Seth smiled lightly

He nodded affirmatively at him

“That girl, the one I told you I want to meet. You remember when I told you to tell her I want to see her, right?”Seth asked

“Yes, I do remember.”he replied

“She did came a day or two after, sorry…I lost count. I met her on the way to my room and geez?, She’s just so charming and beautiful, such that she glitters in my eyes.”Seth told him, filling him in on that day’s event.

His eyes turned dark at that moment…

“Was it that he met him on the day she slept here?”he asked his mind like it has some answer

“I think am starting to like her Luce, oh what am I saying??….I f*vking like her. I don’t know how to get her close to myself though, where she’s living and all, I don’t know. Some informations that can get me to her is missing, I need to be seeing her everyday and not just once in a blue moon when she comes here to visit you.”Seth furthered, his eyes states seriousness

And he knew Seth meant her, he knew he wasn’t joking about wanting her, he knew he likes her like he said but heck!, Why does it hurt?

Cause inwardly, he feels hurt by Seth’s confession of his feelings

“So?…what now..??”he wanted to know of where Seth is heading to with his words

“Help me, Luciano Myles Garrett…”Seth called him by his full name

“By doing what? Am confused”he asked

He knew what he wants to say but act confused, wanting it to come from his mouth

“You should know already Luciano,,”Seth scratched the back of his neck shyly

“No,,”he simply shook his head

“Uhm, it’s quite simple on your side since it seems like you guys are familiar with each other. Well….what I want is for to help me make a move on her. More like you should tell her about me,,”

“Whatt??!”he was stunned, his jaw dropping

“Or help me bring her here and trust me, I can do the work by myself. I just have to let her know about my feelings towards her,”Seth said

“Seth!!”Rowen called for him from downstairs

Seth stood up from the chair

“I have to go now,,please do this for me”

Seth patted his back encouragingly before walking out…

“What the heck…he likes her?? But I won’t be so foolish Seth to let her be with you,,,,no way on earth you are setting your eyes on her again.”he said out loud in dismay

He was frozen to the spot for as long as he remembered before a text came up on his phone,,

He checked it and instantly, stormed out of his room in fury.

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