December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



Next morning……5AM

Sabrina yawned out before lazily dragging herself out of bed, she put on her flip flop sandals before walking out of the guest room

On reaching Luciano’s room door, she held up her hand to knock when he did

“You?”Luciano smirked, he wasn’t expecting he had opened the door and would meet her at the door

“Hi, Good morning,,,I was about coming to tell you bye”she waved at him, smiling

“You’re going already?,”he asked

“Yes prince, it’s five am,,,”she replied

“Uhm, can you wait and dress up here that way we can go to school together or you wanna go home and from there to school?”he inquired softly

“No, I will go home. I wouldn’t want to kill my brother with worry”she said, and then chuckle

“I will get my jacket then, and come with you to tell a guard to see you off,,,”he said and wanted to go back in

“No, I will find my way alone. See you at school,,,”she told him and even before he could turn back to her, she’d ran off

“Just yesterday she was afraid to go back home alone,,so what happened to her fear today?”he stated, expressing his awe

Seth walked up the hallway, heading to his room. He drunk himself to stupor yesterday that he couldn’t find his way home, it was just this dawn that he was relieved of all he had drank

He stopped walking, his brows furrowing alongside

“We meet again, don’t we?”he smiled, the pretty figure stopping a few steps away from him

Sabrina eyes almost bulged out…..

“Oh, Hello!”she nervously greeted him

She never thought she would come across him again, what if he still remembers the event of that day?

“It was just yesterday I told Luciano I wanted to see you,,but it’s amazing how you showed up to me early today”he said

He moved closer to her and she also moved backward

“Am not a bad guy trust me, so don’t run.”he said

And before she could realize, he had her against the wall

A light groan escaped her mouth in the process

“Holla, you’re just too pretty. Ever since I was born, I had never set my two eyes on someone so pretty, curvy, charming, beautiful as you are. What power do you have that made me long for you by each passing day….?”he said on, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear

“You see, am on my way to school. Would you please let me off captive,,,”she shuttered, trying her best not to sound pissing

“You are already held captive in my heart darling, even if I let you go,,,forever shall you be near my heart”he replied her, his eyes scanning her body

A look of desire so envious and burning in them

Why he is this attracted to her is what he still couldn’t figure out

A one look at her the other day was enough to be attracted towards her

“O-kay, I can go now right?”she asked, giving him a very wide smile. A convincing one at that

He nodded affirmatively,”You can go, but I will see you soon…..very soon”

And after saying that, he freed her and stepped back

“Yeah, very soon,,”she nodded and started walking away slowly

When she got to the door, she opened it and on stepping out, took to her heels


The King’s chamber*****

Luciano’s mother, queen Kimberly sat down on the king’s bed, keeping her head down as she gets lost in her own thoughts

“A penny for your thoughts….”A very deep masculine voice goes to her hearing, and jolts her back to life

“King,”she stood up immediately, bowing her head slightly in homage

“What brings you here so early, my queen?”The owner of the authoritative voice, King Garret, questioned his eyes beaming

Maybe for the fact that he is her favorite out of his two queens, he likes her the most and in which he never regrets

“It’s about Luciano, my Lord,,”she told him

“Luciano?, what happened to him??”his reply came much faster than before

It was his son he’s talking about, he cares so much about him. If an ant dares crawl up to his feet and sting him, he will immediately order the ant’s execution

And it not found,,it will be a double trouble for his personal guards

“Am scared, King. I had a very bad dream yesterday night about my son,,am afraid he might die. Something might happen to my son….”her throat choke her continuously as she spoke

Her lips was also trembling, the King didn’t fail no notice how scared her nightmare have made her

“You mean death?,”the King laughed it off at first

Then, looked at her with all seriousness,”I can’t lose my son Kim,,,don’t you know there is no way my most precious son would be taken away from me by God or human. God will never do anything of such to me cause he knows how much value I place on him. But if any human is the one plotting this…..”

“…..Before my soon takes his last breathe, I will make sure he’s six feet below the ground. That I promise you queen,,,”he swore, pulling her sobbing self closer to his chest

His hand running through her back to soothe her to calmness

Luciano did the last touch on his hair and then turned around to get his face cap from the drawer

He wore it and wanted to take a step closer to the door but his leg refused to move nor budge

His stomach stirred too.

He held his head as pains strikes through it, giving no foresight warning

He felt dazzled, wanted to get a clearer view as he blinks his eyes but it was to no avail

He felt like falling, he has no more strength to withstand all the pains and agony running through his vain all at the same time

He’s giving up fighting consciousness

He let his body goes by his controllers will, he fainted in a go

A white fairy alighted down from somewhere unknown

“King of beauty……”


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