December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


Luciano immediately get off her in a swift and dusted off his shirt, as if she had just stained her with dirt

“What the f*vk?!”he threw a thirty glare at her

Sabrina got up with a chuckle and looking at him, she winks

He scoffed at her causing her to mentally roll her eyes

“Some hoodlums were chasing after me while I was on my way home from the market,”she told him

“And so?,”he asked, acting unconcerned

“I had no where else to run to and since the palace was not that far from the market, I decided it had be better I run here instead.”she answered

“Who did you know here at the palace?”he smirked at her

“You”she replied

“What if you called and I didn’t pick up?”he asked again

“I’ll let them do their job then,”she shrugged nonchalantly

“What job??”he inquired, quite curious

“I will let them have their way, bet they are chasing after me to kill me. So, I will just surrender and die with a stabbed heart of not meeting my cute babies have been dreaming to have with my dream prince.”she smiled brightly, hugging herself tight.

“Now they have backed off right?,they are no longer on your trail?”he questioned

“Uhm yeah, I think so”she nodded looking around them

“Am off then….”he toned, and starts to walk away immediately

“Wait prince….!”she ran after him trying to make him stop

“Prince Myles, the hoodlums might come after me anytime??”she called out to him again and that’s when he stopped

He snapped his head to look at her,” Myles? like seriously??”

She stopped chasing after him and nodded

“Yes, I think I love the name Myles instead. Prince Luciano holds much power and authority while your other name Myles sounds more friendly…..I like it,”she whined, twirling on her feets

“I see, it’s late at night Sabrina so you should go home”he said after shaking his head

“Am scared,”she pouted babyishly

He closed his eyes frustratedly and breathed in and out a long breathe

“How about a guard following you? it’s not that late, the guard will be able to find his way back”he told her

“Can I spend the night here please, plus my legs hurts pretty bad from the chasing. I might just collapse anytime soon,”she pleased, rubbing her palms together

“Here?, you mean at the palace??”he was taken aback by her sudden outburst

“I promise I will leave as soon as it’s dawn, please prince,,,”she took steps closer to him and wanted to take his hand in hers

But he stepped back before she could

“How about your parent? you have a possessive brother, remember…..?”he has his arms crossed over his chest as he tried to refresh her memory

“They will surely do without me for tonight. Just a night of not seeing me is better than for eternity, I might try to go back home but meets death on the way”she said reasoning out

“Fine then, we have got many rooms to spare”he finally agreed

What if he let her go back home just because of his unwillingness to let her spend the night at the palace and she get killed on the way?

Forever will he blame himself and cry to bed all nights

“Really, thanks”she squirmed, excitedly

He just nodded and led the way, she took only one steps after him and stopped

“I’ll catch up with you before you reach the gate prince Myles, I need to get my pen from there….”she pointed behind her at the corner she had jumped on him

“Okay,”he nodded and continued his walk

Seeing he doesn’t seem bothered by her petty excuse, she ran back to the corner and took short strides until she was behind a tree

“Yayyy, hello Anita!”she waved at the human inside the pit

Anita looker up at her with a vicious deadly glare, she’s been struggling to get out of the pit to no avail

“You red-headed woodpecker!,”Anita groaned out through gritted teeth

The fact that she is watching her smiling, laughing and making jest of her without her capable of doing anything made her want to burn up with rage

“Don’t overlook me anymore girl, because am way smarter than you. You digged a pit in which you fell into instead,”she said back

“Get me out of here now before I make you go express how hell really feels like,”Anita ranted, pointing her index finger at her

“You’ve gotten a taste of your own medicine. Anyways, have a goodnight down there…..And make sure you don’t freeze in fear to death, you aren’t a coward remember?, Bye!”with that said, she ran off

“Prince, am back,”she said on getting to the palace gate, he was there waiting for her

“I never knew a pen is now heavier than a rock for it to take you a year to carry,”he huffed, turning away from her and stepping into the already opened gate

“It’s much more heavier than that, I left it there till tomorrow since it has hydrated my energy. The two of us will go carry the pen tomorrow,,,”she said, following him

A chuckle left his mouth, what a crazy girl she is.

As they walked inside the palace, her grin grows wider as she remembers what happened one hour ago


“Give me two cabbages, ma’am,”Sabrina asked the woman who would be in her late 50s

“Here,”the woman handed it over to her and she dropped it inside her shopping bag then paid the woman

She turned and wanted to head back home when she saw Anita heading to the left

“Where could she be going?”she asked herself

And without a second thinking, she faced the woman

“Ma’am, I’ll drop this here and come back for it please”she told her, dropping the shopping bag on her long table

“Alright beautiful, I’ll help you take it inside my shop,”the woman offered, grabbing her bag from the table

“Thank you so much, I’ll be back”she gave the woman a brief smile

Then ran to the left

After few minutes of trailing after her without her acting suspicious, she furrowed her brow

“This way….. Does that mean she’s heading to the palace?”she questioned her mind

She sighted the corner they’ll turn and take only few walking to get to the palace and was even thinking she will follow her there when Anita suddenly turned

“Oh really, you think I didn’t know you have been following me?”Anita smirked at her evilly

“Seriously, this is the way an also heading to. And last time I checked, this path wasn’t made for only you”she replied her with a sneer

Anita starts walking towards her but she didn’t budge, just keeps turning when as Anita rounds her

She made sure through the rounding, she keeps turning so she can have her eyes on her

“Let’s end this night’s game here,”Anita said and before she knew it, she threw her hand over to push her

But she was quick to grab her hand and look back as she stands her balance, trying so hand not to let Anita’s push overcome hers

“I hate your ugly face,”she said, now facing her

“Like seriously? you mean the face that took the number one prettiest in our school last year and up to date?”Anita replied

“But am taking that trophy from you this year,”she smirked at her face and before Anita was able to process her next move, she turns her to the pit and release the hold of her collar in her hand

And down she went inside the pit….

“Noooo!!….”Anita screamed


“Now she knows never to deal with me, I am no longer the old dull Sabrina she bullies back then,”she mumbles softly to only her hearing

“Prince, don’t close the door up on me!”she jumped quickly before he was able to close the door

Luciano shook his head….

Anita sighed frustratedly seeing her gone, she decided to give it another trial and see if she can get herself out

She first lifted up her right leg and tries to set it on the lumpy sand that stood pointed, after successfully placing the first leg on it, she tries the second

And down she went!…..crashing back into the pit

“Oh mother!, this b*itch just broke up my back bone and want me cripple…..Have never killed before but she will be my first when am out of here, Arrrgh!!”she cussed before groaning out as the pain hits her again

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