December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)

Genre: Historical romance

Tags: Kingdom, fate, death, beauty….


By; Tofunmi Nikky ✍️


It has always been a dream, each night the dream haunts her. Her ugly self torments her the more together with everydays ridicule. And there she is dreamimg for the prince of Madagascar kingdom to be hers.

And there came a night, she’d cried to bed after giving herself scars like she always does when her usual dream leads her to a path she’d never trend before.

A path that leads to a land which serves as a solution to her facial problem……

A land that no ugly creature ever lives in,if you are one, you have to sacrifice a special thing to be like them….And that land, Sabrina is really to trend on it and go explore it till she finds the great sorceress that will make her ugliness be a thing of the past.

Where is that wonderland??

It’s the BEAUTY LAND…..A kingdom where beauty dwells.
Chapter 1🔞🔞🔞

By; Tofunmi Nikky


“Oh death, why is it that you don’t attack those who really desires you? Am waiting, arms spread to usher you in. Please, take me away. This life is just too unfair. I want you death…..I really do”sobs and whimpers filled the toilet where Sabrina is.

As she cried;letting those tears pour freely, she kept cutting herself with the knife. Instead of feeling any pain, a feeling of fulfillment filled her.

She had gone a long way with cutting herself that pains no longer scares her, it’s the pain itself that runs away.

She’s Sabrina Killian, seventeen going to eighteen years of age. That’s the only introduction about her that any other human being would have pleasure to hear

Yes?..But only if you will want to talk about her ugliness. In the whole of Kingdom, if it comes to ugliness rating, trust her, no one can drag it with her, no one can take the position, she is rated #1 in ugliness; top winner.

And that exactly is what she hates herself for.

Her parents has always been avoiding her, they don’t like the villagers seeing her together with them. Neither does her younger sister, Nina.Only her elder brother has a soft spot of care for her.

“Sabrina*her elder brother, Austen’s voice could be heard outside of the toilet as he knocked the toilet door.

“Open up Sabrina, those visitors we have been expecting are finally here. You told me you can’t wait to see them, remember doll?”Austen said at the door, placing his ears on it to see if he would any sound whatsoever

“Go Austen!…..I don’t wanna see anybody, ok? so just let me be”she shouted her voice trembling “…..For now”she added, her voice now down

Austen scoffed, still not backing off

“Don’t tell me that Doll, you know I won’t take that from you….You’d better open this door cause you know a minute is too much for me to break down this f*vking door”he said

And this time, Sabrina couldn’t help but notice how much seriousness his voice held. She knows him, he never jokes with his words

Sabrina quickly starts cleaning up the place, she took the blade from the floor and threw it into the trashcan in the toilet.

She then looked down at her hand and the blood glared back at her, she really has to do something about it.

Cause if Austen happened to see this now, she knows how rageful he’ll become

“The countdown doll…..”Austen informed her

“……9….8….7….6….5….4…..”he paused to examine the door, it doesn’t look like she’s going to come out.

“Don’t let me do this Sabrina”he said with a sigh *…..3……..2…..and…..”he was about calling out the last number when she jerked the door opened and ran out

“You saved the damned door”he said and before she could protest, he held her hand and dragged her to the sitting room.

At the living room, the two guests stood up as soon as they saw Austen coming with her

“She’s here…..”the eldest who happened to be the father whispered to his son beside him

The son nodded and Sabrina’s mother smiled slyly at them, when Austen stepped down from the stairs, Sabrina came into view

“Is this…..”the son stammered when his face met with hers, his tongue got caught in his throat

And that was it……as usual, everything got ruined.


Sabrina ran upstairs holding the hem of her dress so she could run faster, she opened the door and dashed into the her room.

She jumped on the bed and that’s when she started another round of crying,,,this is it, just a little part of how her life kept crumbling down

“Where was I when beauty was been shared to humans?, I am ready to sacrifice anything to wipe out this uglyliness from my face….I am so ready”she cried in agony and scrunched her stomach up as she hung herself tight.

It became unbearable that her body starts to weaken and she fell onto the bed, falling asleep instantly

And there came the moment, a moment you call unto a god to save you, even if it’s too busy to answer her call, a spirit is there to seek. And that’s what she did!…..

A strange LAND*****🌹🌹

Sabrina let one of her leg touch the ground and immediately it did, it was as if her leg was put on fire. But she’s not going to withdraw, she let her second leg follow the other

She was practically taking another step when something strange and weird happened, she vanished into the air and reappeared in a underground cave.

Fear embraced her and she started moving backward,,,,,the cave was so dark that she couldn’t see anything

“Run!…!!!*her inner mind whispered to her and she didn’t even bother to decide, this is where she’s stepping back.

She took to her heels and was almost out of the cave when the cave got itself a door that locked up immediately. She tripped and fell on her back due to the shutting of the cave’s door on her face.

“An ugly creature??…..”Thunder erupt the atmosphere and she started moving back, dragging her body with her “…it’s forbidden and a bad omen! ”

She diverted her eyes all round the cave so as to capture the owner of the voice image and there she is,,,,,,,,seated on the throne

In all white clothing, and a staff in one hand. Her head was covered with royal beads and crown.

She rose up immediately and made to run away,a power captured her and she jerked forward and hit her head on the rocky cave

She fell unconscious and her body started lowering to the floor. A Giant creature appeared and hung her across his shoulder, he started taking her away with him

“Welcome to the BEAUTY LAND!…..”

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