🖊️The contract…🖊️


By Authoress Temi ✍️




Tony entered the restaurant and meet Evelyn and Ignatius serving the costumers he walk to Evelyn and collect the tray of food with her and he delivered it to the right person

Ignatius smiled and winked at Evelyn

Tony entered the kitchen to carry more foods then he meet Velvet

” Hi am Tony “Tony teased and Velvet glared at him

” What are you doing here? “Velvet muttered

” Am here to help my in laws “He winked

” In-law?? You must be a joker “She laughed

“You can see that my face is cover with wounds…. Jayden did this to me “He smirked touching one of the wound

” Am sorry if am rude but you deserve more than that,,, I think it would be better if have just he kill you “Velvet roll her eyes and continue cutting the carrots

Tony fold his fist angrily but he tried to control himself then Ignatius and Evelyn appeared in the kitchen

“We have been waiting for you Tony go and serve the customers “Ignatius ordered

” Sure I was waiting for her to finish preparing the chicken “He smiled as she carry the try of chicken and walk out of the kitchen

” Mom! Dad! What do you think you are doing? “Velvet yelled

” Just watch and see,,, this is a plan ” Ignatius winked

” Really? Tell me more “Velvet pouted holding Ignatius arm

” You are too clingy “Evelyn said and remove her hand from her husband arm

” Get yourself a man and stop clinging on my husband “Evelyn added and Velvet laughed

” Wow, I just get what Jennie is trying to explain to me yesterday “She laughed

” What did she say?? .”Evelyn asked

” She said you are a jealous freak “Velvet mouthed

” What? Me? Is she crazy? “Evelyn yelled

” Jealously that’s your only problem you have,, “Ignatius shook his head and walk away

” Am not jealous am just trying to protect you “She denied

” I love you Mr Ignatius “Velvet screamed and Evelyn hit her head with a spoon

” He is mine did you get that? ”



Leonard and Jennie sat down facing each other,, Leonard is eating and Jennie couldn’t help but stare at him, she still think it is a dream

“Why are you not eating?”Leonard asked snapping her from her thoughts

” Oh, am fine I have eaten before coming here “She lied and he nodded

‘He is so cute ‘ Jennie blushed inwardly

” Let’s introduce ourselves properly ” Leonard smiled and Jennie blushed again

‘Why is her cheek so red’ Leonard thought

” Am Jennie,, am twenty three years old and I have a brother Jayden he attend Forward college”She replied

“Oh that’s quite interesting, am just twenty five and am handsome, rich, h*t and crazy “He said like a lunatic and Jennie laughed.

” The only valid information you gave me now is your age”Jennie said

” Oh, maybe there is nothing special about me “Leonard smirked

” Where do you live?”Jennie asked

” In a mansion “He replied

” Stop it “She laughed

” Do you have a sister? “She added

” Maybe ”

” You don’t even know if you have a sister or not,,, what a brother “She laughed



Tamara is Rocco mother, she is known for her witchy character, she is very hard to deal with and when they are talking about criminal,, she is their leader

Rocco entered his mother mansion and he meet her painting her nails

” Mom, there is problem “He said

” What is the thing you called problem? ” Tamara replied

” Leonard is going to be the new CEO of Leorex company “Rocco release the bomb shell and Tamara almost fainted

“That’s impossible,, it’s just a foolish rumor it’s Fůçƙing impossible “She argued

” Am telling the truth mom, I was there when Mr Cha asked Leonard to marry a lady and if he obey he will appoint him as the new CEO of Leorex company “He explained and Tamara laughed

” There is still solution as long as he haven’t appoint him as the new CEO ” Tamara replied

” Are you sure? You know grand pa is very crazy “Rocco said

” Are you now doubting me? “Tamara snapped

” How is Hazel? Is she okay? “Tamara asked and Rocco roll his eyes

” I don’t know why you asked me to date someone like her, she is too dumb and foolish I don’t even love her she should just Fůçƙ off “Rocco said

” Hazel is like a gold,, she will be useful and very helpful to you in the nearest future, just wait and see “Tamara smirked

” I will tell Andrew to find out about the girl Leonard wants to marry “Tamara said

” Please do that ”


Jennie and Leonard are out of the restaurant they chatted for a very long time and that was when Jennie realize it’s not a dream… Leonard hire a cab for Jennie and he waved at her, then Kyle and Galaxy came out of their hidden place

” Gosh! You scare me what the Fůçƙ are you doing here?? “He yelled

” We are here to accompany you “Kyle smile and Leonard glared at him

” Are you with Kyle since?? “Leonard ask Galaxy and she nodded

” Like seriously can’t believe you are with a guy since “He scoffed

“Oh my goodness can’t believe you are with a woman since “Kyle smiled at Leonard

” Hey! The next time I see you with my sister I will kill you “Leonard smirked and made to walk away but Galaxy stop him

” You smiled and crack jokes with that lady are you in love with her… Please be sincere “Galaxy asked

” Are you asking me that now? “Leonard asked

” Please tell us we are eager to know “Kyle begged

” Am not in love with her am just trying to let her like me so that she can marry me and I will have Lorex company “He smiled and they frowned

” Brother why are you like this? It is unfair you are indirectly deceiving that lady ” Galaxy said

” Whatever, Kyle follow me we have work to do… Galaxy go to your working place please “Leonard begged

” You are a jerk for deceiving that pure lady, do you think Anita will be happy to see you this way? Do you think there is no other good girl except for Anita? You know what? I will tell Mr Cha you are just deceiving the lady and he will give Rocco the company instead of you I think he deserve it “She spat and walk away



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