🖊️The contract…🖊️


By Authoress Temi ✍️





” You mean Mr Cha told Leonard to marry someone so that he can be the CEO of Leorex company “Hazel mumbled in disbelief

” I don’t even know what to do am confused “He said then Hazel face him with a smile

” Why are you smiling”

” If Leonard should be the CEO of Lorex company then we can have the chance of collecting those two companies from him “Hazel said and Rocco hissed

” How is that possible? “He questioned with a frown

” You have to tell Mr Cha that Leonard can’t own three companies and you the first son only manage one company “Hazel smirked

” He can’t give me another one he didn’t trust me again assuming I succeed in managing my company he would trust me and make me the CEO of another one ” He yelled

“Then sell it if you think it’s not going fine “Hazel scoffed

” Why are you so dumb? I thought you will be able to do something about this I don’t know your brain is too dull for it “Rocco smirked and stomp out of the room

” Wait, is he talking to me?? No he is not talking to me maybe he is going crazy ” Hazel fold her fist angrily



Velvet entered Jennie room and meet her crying with her hair scattered all over her face which makes look like a ghost

” Gosh! You are so scary “Velvet said as she entered

” What are you doing here? “She asked

” Your dad called me here, he told me you have a important place to go tomorrow,, he asked if I can help you find the best dress in the entire universe “Velvet smiled then she grab a tissue paper and start using it to clean her face

” You don’t even asked me the reason why am crying “Jennie pouted

” I know the reason already, and am happy for you “She smiled and Jennie hit her head with her palm

” Ouch! That’s hurts ”

” Instead of you to console me and even find a solution to this problem “Jennie smirked

” Solution?? ”

” Can you just go to the blind date instead of me I will forever be grateful to you if you can help…”

” Am not going “Velvet cut her off

” You are so useless and dumb “Jennie mouthed and Velvet glared at her

” Am also going to a blind date next weekend ” She said and Jennie raise her eyesbrows

” Why? ”

” Because I want to get married “She replied

” Marriage is not something you can rush into like that you need….”

” I don’t need any Fůçƙing thing,, Marriage is a normal thing so why are you making a big deal out of it “She snapped

” Gosh try to understand what am saying ” Jennie said

” You have to wash your face and hair now” Velvet ordered



Leonard entered his room and walk to his closet looking for best outfit he can wear tomorrow

His greatest wish to be become the owner of Leorex Company,, They produced the best fabric in whole of Korea,, it’s one of the most biggest and richest company in Korea. Mr Cha said he would give the company to Rocco ‘Maybe he change his mind’ He thought as he jump on his bed happily

” What if the lady doesn’t like you back “Rocco said from behind

” What are you doing here? “Leonard yelled

” Calm down,, am not here to fight with you am here for business “Rocco smiled

” Rocco we don’t have any business together kindly leave my house before I call the cops on you “Leonard threatened

” Why did you hate me?? “Rocco blunted out but Leonard said nothing

” Am your brother! Even though we are not from the same mother but from the same father we should be friends and not enemies….”

” We should be friends so that you will be able to kill me like the way you killed Anita? ” Leonard muttered hurtfully

” I killed her by mistake I don’t mean it,, I don’t know she will die it’s a mistake and I regret it “He explained and Leonard punch him on his face

” You called that mistake?? Do you remember that when you killed her you asked some gangs to cut her body into pieces and throw it into the ocean?? Did you remember that you also killed her brother who saw you when you are doing your evil thing? Did you remember you make her parent childless and even put them in the prison just because you don’t want them to know that you killed their two children?? ” Leonard said as tears roll down from his eyes

” They are all mistake I was young then and I don’t know what… ”

” Leave my house now “Leonard snapped

” I came here because of a reason let me discuss….”

“You came here because you want to spoil my mood so that I can act like a beast when I see the lady am meeting tomorrow… Now leave my house “Leonard yelled

” It’s not up to…”

” Leave my house devil “He screamed and Rocco smirked before walking out of the room and Leonard burst into tears

After crying for almost an hour, he cleaned his tears and called Kyle to come to his mansion

Soon, Kyle appeared and Leonard asked him to look for the most perfect suit he can wear to the date

” Wow this is very beautiful you can wear this “Kyle said

” Give it to maid and tell them to do the needful to it “He replied

” Are you okay?? “Kyle asked

” Just do what I asked you to do and stop gossiping fool “Leonard snapped

“Am not gossiping am just expressing….”

” Kyle am not In the mood for that, Please leave “He cut him off and Kyle nodded before leaving




The alarm start ringing when it’s 5:00am and Leonard groaned before turning it off, he walk to the bathroom and have his bath then he came back inside the room

His suit is well arrange on his desk, he grab his shorts, shirt,tie and jacket and wear it then he walk downstairs to have his breakfast

He ignored all the maids and guards greetings him

” Brother!!! “Galaxy screamed from behind and he groaned

“What are you doing in my house by this time??? “Leonard questioned

Galaxy ignored his question and hug him

” Thank goodness you finally moved on ” Galaxy smiled

“What are you saying? “Leonard asked and she chuckled

” I can see you have forget about Anita and am so happy about that “Galaxy smiled

” Why are you uttering rubbish? “Leonard groaned

” Kyle told me you asked him to look for a perfect suit you can wear for the date, and you have never done that for any lady so, I think you are in love with the lady without even seeing her….. Am happy for you ” She blushed

” I did that because Mr Cha want me to get married to her “Leonard roll his eyes

” Lair, you don’t need to be shy am your sister “Galaxy laughed as she help him to Ɓụťťon up his jacket

” Kyle will be punished for making you think this way “Leonard mumbled



Jennie dressed so beautifully tho, it’s Velvet hand work, the read short gown and black heels fit her perfectly and her makeup is not too much and this make her look stunning

” Wow, you look so beautiful your fiancee won’t be able to take his eyes off you when he see you, gosh I feel like getting married to you but am not a guy”Velvet gushed

” Are you done rapping? “Jennie asked with a frown

” Come on, put a smile on your face “Velvet pouted

She ignored her and walk to the living room then she meet her parent and brother eating in the dining room, Jennie stand behind the curtain and glared at everyone

” Can you tell me the reason behind that beautiful face and dress “Jayden winked when he noticed her presence

” Wow, our daughter look so bright ” Ignatius complimented

” All thanks goes to Velvet for making our daughter look like a princess “Evelyn smiled and Velvet blushed

” Am leaving “Jennie said and make to walk out of the house but Velvet held her hand

” You should have your breakfast before leaving “Velvet smiled

” Are you going to force me if I refuse to eat the damn food “Jennie snapped

” No one is forcing you, am just saying you should eat little food before leaving coz you might get hungry there” Velvet smiled

” Not like am staying there forever am only using Five minutes there “She roll her eyes and walk out of the house

” Mum where is she going? “Jayden asked

” Shut up and eat your meal “Ignatius snapped

” I wasn’t talking to you dad “Jayden muttered and Ignatius smack his head

” I have something to do in school ” Jayden said and walk out of the house

” So we are left alone to do the cooking and serving “Evelyn groaned

” No you are not alone, am free today I will help you “Velvet smiled

” Thanks so much dear “Ignatius said



Jayden entered the school with his hands in his pocket, he noticed he is late for the class coz there no single student from his department outside, Not even Eleanor and Nova, the only students outside are the one from other departments and they are not much

He entered the lecture room and the students turned their attention to him

👥He look so h*t in that black shirt

👥He look more handsome today

👥His lips are so tempting

” Why are you late….”

” I am free to come to school anytime am not an highschool student “Jayden scoffed

👥 Awwwwn

” Shut up “The lecturer ordered and the students keep quiet

” Jayden get out of my class “The lecturer said and he smiled before walking out of the class

” Rude kid “The lecturer muttered

👥This is unfair




Jayden was walking around the school when he heard voice of a girl screaming, he ignored it thinking it’s one of the girls at the field but he heard the same sound again, that is when he noticed it’s not from the student in the field

He sense that the sound is coming from the laboratory and he walk there only to find Lucy and some touts

She is almost Ɲ@kēɗ which means they want to Ř@pê her

“What are you doing here?”

“Who are you?”

“Get the Fůçƙ out of here if you don’t want us to kill you now “They said and Jayden burst into laughter and this make them mad and surprise

They walk to him in anger and made to hit him but he avoid it and slap one of them instead

“Are you insane or….”

” The police are here “One of them yelled and they run out of the laboratory pushing Jayden out of the way

Jayden walk to Lucy and give her his jacket without saying a word

” Thank you “She uttered and wear the jacket, then he walk out of the laboratory



Jennien entered the restaurant and she was so surprised that no one is in the restaurant

” Hi are you Miss Jennie? ” One of the attendant asked and she nodded

” Your boyfriend is waiting for you over there “The waiter said pointing to a man whose back was turned to them

” Oh, thank you “She smiled and walk over to the man

‘Why is he the only one here?’ she thought

” Hey “Jennie said

” Hi “Leonard replied without turning his face to her

” I can see you have no interest in me and I have no interest in you either, let’s just tell our parents we found ourselves disgusting and let’s end this trash “Jennie said

Leonard turn his face to her and smile before standing up from his chair

” What if I find you attractive and I don’t want to end it? “Leonard smiled

Jennie on the other hand, become weak and sick when she saw Leonard ‘ This is a dream, it is not happening’ She thought

“Are you okay? “Leonard asked,then she suddenly lost her balance but Leonard quickly grab her waist which prevent her from falling



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