🖊️The contract…🖊️

EPISODE 33💗34💗35

By Authoress Temi ✍️


              ★[HER CHOICE]★




Lucy entered the class room with a smile but the smile disappeared when people start pointing at her

She ignored it and run to Jayden

“Jay!! “She screamed before sitting down beside him, they become friends few days ago and they are good, Gavin often get Jealous coz they seems very close to each other

“Why are they gossiping?”Lucy asked

“I don’t know, you don’t need to be worried about that,it not worth it” Jayden smiled

“If you say so, you know I will always listen to you”Lucy giggled

“That is why you are my bestie”Jayden winked

Then, the three S stop at Jayden and Lucy table with a flirty smile playing on their lips

“I don’t know you are this cheap I shouldn’t have fall in love with you ” Seven smirked putting a picture on the table

Jayden take the picture away quickly before slapping Seven

“Are you insane? How dare you?”He yelled and he chuckled

“I see!, You don’t want her to be sad huh? What a friend “Start laughed

“What is happening here?”Lucy asked

“You haven’t heard?…”

“Leave here punk!!!”Gavin yelled from behind

“I don’t understand why are you fighting “Lucy yelled

“Stop yelling S£xt”Saint smirked

“S£xt? Are you talking to me? Are you sure you are okay?”She asked with a yell

“Stop acting as if you don’t understand fool!! You are a S£xt”Eleanor screamed as she show her a picture of Lucy dressed half Ɲ@kēɗ with unknown guy making out

“Can you explain this?! “Eleanor smirked

“I hate what you are doing right now,,, don’t tell me you believe she is the one in that Fůçƙing picture” Jayden yelled

“I believe she is the one coz she is a S£xt I saw her in the club last week Tuesday can you tell us what you are doing in the club??? “Eleanor laughed

“Wow! This is getting more interesting ” Starr smiled

“I know you feel down right now but I can help you get rid of all these if you can just tell me you love me…. Jayden can’t do you any good because he is very poor and he doesn’t have anyone… I don’t think there is a person on Earth that doesn’t know my parent, they are rich and popular but who knows Jayden parent? I don’t even know that he have a parent until when Starr told me that his parents run unpopular restaurant snd the restaurant was set ablaze I feel sorry for him…. Lucy will you be my girlfriend? “Seven asked with a smile

👥She should just say yes

👥Jayden is a good guy tho

👥Seven is so cute

👥Is Seven insane

👥 Can’t believe this!!!

Lucy whose eyes is filled with tears, sadness and anger smiled bitterly before slapping Seven on his cheek three times

“Don’t ever say s**,ts about Jayden he is different from you”Lucy said

Seven held his cheek in pain

“How?”He managed to ask

“Jayden is a man, you are a kid.. Jayden is handsome you are ugly, Jayden is brilliant you are dumb, Jayden is unique but I see no uniqueness in you, Jayden act mature while you act childish… I wish you have quater of what Jayden have “Lucy yelled and walk out of the lecture room

“What?”Seven yelled

“Be expecting us”Gavin winked at Seven and his friends before grabbing Jayden who is still very shocked

“Let’s go! Stop acting like a fool”Gavin yelled at Jayden before dragging him out of the class

👥What? Is Lucy crushing on Jayden?

👥Seven is too harsh

👥Jayden still look handsome

👥Seven please K!SS me

👥This is unbelievable Lucy and Jayden I thought they are enemies

Seven groaned before walking out of the class in anger

Then, the Lecturer entered with a smile

“Good morning students “She greeted but no one reply

“Let start today’s work “She scoffed

Jayden walk along the road with an heavy mind,, he feel like crying but he try to hold it coz he doesn’t like showing that he is weak in public

Then he sighted Lucy from afar,, he decide to ignore her

“Jay!!”Lucy called

“Lucy!!”He called back before running to her and pull her into a hug

“Am so sorry”She apologized

“Stop apologizing you did nothing wrong I should be the one to apologize ” Jayden cried

“Are you crying??…”

“I think the tears will make me comfortable “Jayden said

“Let’s cry then “Lucy sobbed without breaking the hug and they cried on each other’s shoulder

Jayden insist on excorting Lucy

They arrived at the orphanage and they meet Miss Linda glaring at Lucy


“Save your greetings! I know you will become a bad egg ever since you started taking to this criminal,, well I have a good news for you and the news is that the govenor said that you should leave this orphanage “Miss Linda smiled


“Because the govenor don’t want you to corrupt the kids here! You are now a st your picture and that guy you have s with is all over the internet just leave “Miss Linda yelled

“So, you believe I can do something like that “Lucy said in tears

“I would have say you are not the one I the picture but I don’t think I can say that coz you are Jayden or whatever friend,, the both of you are friends and am sure this stupid boy is a bad influence”Miss Linda smirked

“Where do you want me to stay?”Lucy asked

“Where do you think S£xts stay? In the hotel of course…. Here is your bag you can leave “Miss Linda winked and Lucy burst into tears

“Hey! Can’t you do without crying you are not expected to cry in this situation your tears won’t solve anything just carry your bag and let’s go”Jayden said and she shook her head

“Am not going anywhere I didn’t do it,, am not a S£xt “Lucy snapped

“Nobody believe you!!!!!!!!”Jayden yelled

“Stop uttering rubbish and let’s leave this place “Jayden yelled but she did not reply him

Jayden sighed before carrying her

“Put me down stop being crazy let me go!!”Lucy screamed

“Good bye miss Linda”Jayden smiled ignoring Lucy screams

“Fůçƙ off “She yelled



Jayden and Lucy entered the house and meet Gavin cooking

“What are you doing here?”They asked themselves at the same time

“Lucy will be staying here”Jayden said and Gavin frowned

“Why??”He asked with a bit anger in his voice

“I got kicked out of the orphanage” Lucy replied


“Because of the fake picture”Lucy answered

“Oh! Sorry about that,, but you don’t have to stay with Jayden I can just rent a house for you”Gavin smiled

“You don’t have to do that, Jay is my friend I can stay here for some time” Lucy said

“What are we going to do to those fools? “Gavin questioned

“We will beat them up and force them to say the truth”Jayden answered with a smirk

“How are you going to do that?”Lucy asked

“Leave that to us…”

“No I also want revenge…. They black mail me and make me look like a S£xt how am I going to face the world I also want to do something about it”Lucy cut him off

“Let her go with us she is the victim anyways “Jayden said

“We will go at night”Gavin said to Lucy and she nodded




Tamara broke the glass cup on the table angrily

“We are sorry”Rocco and Hazel chorused

“There is nothing to be sorry about, sorry won’t change the fact that you are both losers “Tamara snapped

“I regret having you on my side! Am sure Leonard and Galaxy are smarter than you”She yelled and they flinched

“Am sorry ma’am, I promise to make you proud”Hazel said

“Proud? You? You can’t make me proud you are too dense to do that”Tamara scoffed

“Mother stop making big deal out of this, when you know we are not smart enough for you to do the job then why did you asked us to do the job,, you are selfish and inconsiderate”Rocco snapped at her

“Are you talking back to me??”Tamara yelled

“Stop talking as if you are the boss here!! “Rocco snapped

“I see,, if you don’t call me the boss what will you call me?”Tamara questioned

“We are just a group of people trying to find solutions to our problem so we are all equal”Rocco replied sharply

“Get out of my house”Tamara yelled

“Mum, Rocco calm down… It is not up to this,, Rocco try to understand what mum is saying, we are at fault we shouldn’t have fail the mission she gave to us, we should be looking for a way to make her smile and forgive us then she will be able to give us another chance,,,Mum is the boss here and she will remain the boss forever… Stop saying S£xts to your mum please”Hazel begged and Rocco sighed

“Are you ready to listen to me?”Tamara asked

“Yes boss”Hazel smiled and she smiled

“What of you Rocco?”

“Am ready,,, start talking “He replied with a glare

“Firstly, Rocco have to make Jennie fall for him,, Hazel you must become Jennie friend and don’t stop seducing Leonard… Make Leonard and Jennie divorce then start acting nice to Mr Cha. I will take care of Galaxy and Jennie’s brother”She explained

“We understand ma”Hazel said with a smile

“You are just repeating all the things you have said before”Rocco smirked

“What is wrong with you Rocco?? I have warned you to stop talking to mum like that”Hazel yelled and he fake a smile

“I understand my queen”He said

“What will you like to eat ma? I wanna cook for you before leaving”Hazel smiled

“You don’t need to cook for me,, I want you to do a clean job in seducing Leonard and make Jennie your friend … You may leave”Tamara said with a fake smile

“Am sorry ma’am see you next time” Hazel said before walking away with Rocco

Tamara roll her eyes before dialing a strange number


“Why can’t you tell mum you don’t like her behavior and she will let go of you,, she is treating us as if we are her slave I don’t think I can do this anymore why does she have to command us all the time and whenever we fail a mission she will start acting as if she is a god “Rocco said angrily

“This is not the time for us to show her our true colors we need two things from her and that is Money and power ” Hazel winked

“How long did you have to act like a S£xt?”Rocco asked

“How long do you need to act like a stalker?”Hazel questioned and they laughed

“Always remember you are my woman ” Rocco warned

“Always remember you are my man” Hazel smiled and they laughed before locking their lips together






Jennie finished serving the food on the dining table, she woke up very early to prepare their breakfast

She entered their room then she meet Leonard half Ɲ@kēɗ, he is only wearing boxer

Jennie smiled and enter the room

“Jennie can you excuse me?”

“But you are my husband”Jennie pouted

He made to reply her but when he remembered what she said when she was drunk last night, he keep quiet

“Why did you drink to stupor yesterday? Did you even know how you got here? “Leonard yelled

“Am trying to remember but I can’t remember anything the only thing I remember is that I and Galaxy bet on the first person to get drunk then we started drinking before everything went blank “Jennie explained

“Whatever am going to work”Leonard said and made to leave the room when Jennie stop him

“I made breakfast for us”Jennie winked

“Am full thanks “He replied and walk away

“He is acting strange did I do something stupid yesterday? Oh no”She cried before walking to the bathroom





Jennie meet all her co workers in the office already discussing about some stuffs, She just came back from Jiji Village to find another recipe

“Good afternoon”Jennie greeted

“But, you said you will come back early Mr Leonard have been asking for the recipe since… Why are you late? “Miss Shirin questioned

“Am busy with some stuff am so sorry for coming late “She apologized

“I understand you can have your seat,, have you heard about the what people are talking about “Mr Bang asked and Jennie shook her head

“They are saying Mr Leonard get married but the face of the wife is still unknown and her name is also unknown “Mr Bang said and Jennie heart skip a beat

“Really? That is crazy why is he hiding his wife then? “Jennie asked

“We don’t know ”

“Maybe he did not want people to hurt her and harm her,, you know Mr Twist have a lot of girls crushing on his because of his popularity,money and handsome face,, His wife must be a goddess “Miss Shirin said and Jennie blushed secretly

“Velvet how are you doing?”Jennie asked when she noticed she is very quiet and that is unlike her

“Am okay,, how was your night? I called you yesterday but you didn’t pick up your calls “Velvet complained

“Am sorry, I got drunk yesterday “She answered

“Really? Don’t tell me you still have feelings for that guy Tony or whatever” Miss Shirin yelled hitting her palms on the table

“Not at all I don’t have feelings for him I just decide to drink because I miss mom and dad”Jennie lied

“Better,, I thought you still have feelings for him, he is a brat”Miss Shirin said

“Get another boyfriend if you want to prove that you are not in love with Tony” Mr Bang scoffed

“What? Boyfriend? I don’t want to have a boyfriend now…”

“I said it,, you still have feelings for him” Miss Shirin snapped

” I don’t have any feelings for him”Jennie defended

“Then get a boyfriend if you want to prove that “Mr Bang smirked

“She said she have no feelings for Tony you don’t have to force her to get a boyfriend, she may not have feelings for him again but she is still heartbroken” Velvet snapped

“Why is she still heartbroken? I can remember the time my first love broke up with me,, I don’t even cry”Miss Shirin snapped back

“What? You don’t cry at all? “Mr Bang asked and she nodded then Velvet walk out of the office

“What Is wrong with her?”Mr Bang pouted

Jennie phone beeped and she checked, and it is a message from Velvet

“Excuse me I need to make a call”Jennie lied before walking out of the office then she meet Velvet outside

“You called me”Jennie said

“You did not even bother to ask about what I intend to tell you”Velvet smirked

“I am sorry”Jennie smiled before pecking her cheek

“It’s fine, promise me you won’t change to me if I tell you this and we will still be best friend”Velvet said

“I promise”She smiled

“I have a…”She keep quite when Jennie phone ring and she picked the call

📞 Please come to this place,,, I have sent the address it is very important you have to come now!📞 Rocco said impatiently before hanging up

“I have to go to somewhere”Jennie said

“Oh maybe next time”Velvet smiled

“No tell me what you want to tell me now”Jennie said

“I don’t want you to be in a bad mood I will tell you when you arrive”Velvet smiled before walking away

Then, Jennie entered the office

“Miss Shirin I have to go and get some report about the new snacks produced but Doe foods “Jennie lied

“Wow! That is very thoughtful of yours but are you sure you are not tired” Miss Shirin pouted

“Am not tired at all”She winked

” You can go please come back early you know I have to give the report to Mr Twist”Miss Shirin smiled and she nodded before walking away


Leonard entered his office with Kyle beside him,, they both look angry… They are coming from the Police station to meet Seth and his gangs

Leonard was actually the person that asked the police to find the person that set Jennie house and restaurant ablaze, and he was told that the personis connected with the thieves that rob his company a month ago

He become so angry when Tony started confessing,, Tony was the only one that confessed willing among the criminals and the things he said, made Leonard angry

“I can’t believe that guy did that to his ex girlfriend”Kyle said

“Jennie will be so sad to hear this”Leonard sighed

“Yeah I thought they love theirselves before they started dating”Kyle added with a frown

“I will never fall in love “Kyle said

“I love him like that”Leonard remembered Galaxy words,, she told him he love Kyle and she wish to get married to him and here is Kyle saying he will never fall in love with anyone

“Stop saying you won’t fall in love not all woman are betrayals “Leonard snapped

“I doubt that”Kyle replied

“Don’t tell me you will never get married…. Are you sure you are okay? “Leonard asked

“I don’t think am okay “He replied and walk to the fridge to get a cold water




Jennie waved at the driver before entering the restaurant Rocco asked her to come

“You are here”Rocco smiled pulling a chair for her to seat and she sit on it without saying a word

“I plan to eat lunch with you”Rocco said and she smiled

“Oh okay”She uttered and and the waiter start serving their food

She was about eating the food when her phone ring

She smile at Rocco before picking the call

📞 Come to Stanch restaurant now,, let’s have lunch together 📞 Leonard hung up

“Am so sorry I have to leave now “Jennie said before carrying her bag but Rocco stop her

“You just speak with Leonard?”Rocco smirked

“Am sorry,, we can still have lunch another time”Jennie smiled and made to leave but Rocco block her way

“Don’t fall for Leonard…”

“You are over doing it, we are just friends who are you to tell me who to love and who to hate? You shouldn’t have call me to have lunch with you when you have your girlfriend with you” Jennie snapped before walking away




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