🖊️The contract…🖊️


By Authoress Temi ✍️




Jennie walk up very late,, she walk into the bathroom lazily and have her bath then she noticed her phone is ringing, she checked the caller and it is Jayden

She was about picking it when it stop ringing, that shows that it has been ringing for long time, she unlock her phone and made to call Jayden back when her eyes widened,, she have more than twenty missed calls five from Jayden,, fifteen from Rocco

She sighed before dialing Jayden number and he pick up immediately

📞I have been calling you since what the heck are you doing?

📞Am sorry I was sleeping,, did you enjoy sleeping alone 📞 Jennie teased

📞No Gavin, Lucy, Eleanor slept in my house

📞Really? That’s so cool I think you made a mistake


📞It is my house not your house

📞Whatever, be nice to your husband and tell me whenever he did something bad to you 📞Jayden said hang up

She smiled before putting on a red gown that stop on her knee,, she do a little make up and wore her gold high heels then she carry her gold bag

Jennie walk out of the room elegantly and she release a smile when she saw Leonard eating his breakfast

“Good morning “She greeted and Leonard ignored her

“You are supposed to make breakfast and clean the house early in the morning “Leonard snapped

“Oh that?, Am sorry I will do that tomorrow am late for work I have to go now “Jennie smiled

” I will tell my driver to drop you off “Leonard scoffed

“No, am fine you don’t need to do that can you give me some money instead ” Jennie smiled

” Money? Why? “Leonard asked

” I need money to hire a cab “Jennie replied

” Cab? My driver can just drop…”

” I said am fine is it by force “Jennie yelled and he flinched

” You can take one of my card “He said and she took one card from the drawer

” Bye see you soon “She winked and walk out of the mansion

‘I can’t let him know am working in his damn Company’ She thought

Leonard sighed before walking to Anita’s picture

“My grandfather forced me to get married to her, as you can see am not in love with her you are the only one on my mind… I will be going to work now take good care of yourself “Leonard said before K!SSing the picture then he walk out of his mansion

“Good morning sir” His driver greeted

“Take me to the mortuary”Leonard ordered and his driver nodded before driving him out of the compound

He always go to mortuary to see Anita grave, they couldn’t find her body and they buried her belongings like clothes, shoes, accessories… and this make them assume she is the one in the grave


After closing for work, Jennie walk to Galaxy boutique and she meet Kath there also

“Here comes the newest bride in town ” Kath winked and she smiled before walking to them

“Am thinking of changing the clothes in my closet can you show me the S£xiest clothes you have here “Jennie bragged and they laughed

” Okay, I understand that you are a billionaire wife but don’t you think this charisma is getting too much”Galaxy said

“You think so”Jennie laughed

“Where are you going for your honey moon? “Galaxy questioned

“Honey moon? Leonard haven’t say anything about it I will ask him tonight ” Jennie smiled

” Come here let me show you the S£xiest clothes here “Galaxy winked

After few minutes, Galaxy finished packing Jennie’s clothes, the clothes are so much and she also bought some for Kath

“Thanks so much I really appreciate it love these clothes “Kath giggled

” I don’t need clothes but can you pay for my lunch “Galaxy pouted

” Anything for you Laxy” She screamed and they all hug her

‘Leonard Twist be ready to go bankrupt’ Jennie thought then Eva entered

“Eva!!!!!”Galaxy and Kath screamed before hugging her

“Kath how are you doing?”Eva asked

” Am doing fine “She replied

“Eva,, meet my brother wife,, Jennie meet Eva my best friend “Galaxy smiled

” Nice meeting you Mrs Twist “Eva winked

” It’s my pleasure”She replied with a smile

” How did you know her Kath? “Jennie asked

“We actually spent the night together last night “Kath answered and she nodded

“Okay! Let’s go grab lunch!!!! “Jennie screamed and they all walk out of the boutique




Leonard is boiling with anger in his office,, different messages have been popping oh his phone and it’s nothing but a debit alert

“Mr Cha said you should visit him tonight “Kyle said

“What the Fůçƙ did he want from me? He told me to get married and I have get married to the gold digger he want… What the f***kkkk did he want from me!! “Leonard yelled

“I have to go home now”He said and walk out of his office

He got home but he couldn’t find Jennie

” Where the Fůçƙ is she? Why is she not back by this time of the day? “Leonard said impatiently

Just then, a man entered with Jennie in his arm

“Who are you?”

“I was asked to bring her here, she and her friends came to our bar today and they got drunk so, Miss Galaxy asked me to bring her here “The boy answered before dropping the wasted Jennie on the couch

Then he walk to his car and brought many shopping bags

“Humm thank you use this for your transport fare”Leonard hand the boy some cash

He collected the money and walk out of his building then Leonard face Jennie who is busy uttering rubbish silently

“Are you crazy? How can you drink to this extent? Why did you spend my money as if you are the one work for it?? “Leonard yelled

“Jayden I have something to tell you,, I was happy when I realize that Leonard is going to get married to me but I become sad when he told me he doesn’t have a dime feeling for me… Do I look ugly to him? Am I too foolish for him? Am I too poor for him? What the Fůçƙ have I done wrong…I was heartbroken when he told me he don’t love me and that is why I decide to make him go bankrupt by spending his money lavishly… I will make him go bankrupt and I will kill you If you ever tell anyone about this… Jayden!! “She uttered drunkenly before falling into a deep sleep

Leonard was quiet for a while, her words make him feel bad

“This is not my fault… Am in love with a dead soul am sorry Jennie”Leonard mumbled then he started sobbing quietly



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