December 5, 2023

{ Game Of Hearts… }


Naomi Cindy B.


Fernando pressed his lips on hers right there, and her eyes widened, but she was quick to stand from his laps and give him a backhand slap as expected.

Fernando’s lip bled as a result, and his cheek stung.

“Don’t you ever!, I mean ever!, Try that $h|t with me… Douchebag!” She spat and stormed out of the office.

Fernando wiped the blood on his lip and Tyler came in.

“President!” He almost screamed, rushing to him.

“What happened to your lips?”

“Nothing much” Fernando replied simply, and he got tissues which he started wiping his lips with.

“By the way, till when are you gonna be pretending to be crippled?” He asked, and Fernando looked at him.

“I know your legs are fine” Tyler replied, and he sighed.

Fernando turned his eyes away from him without answering, and Tyler made to resume wiping but he stopped him.

“Take me to the lab for the supervision” he said, and Tyler nodded.

He pedalled his wheelchair out of the office, and as he moved past the research team office, Fernando had his eyes on Luxury throughout, but Luxury’s were on her laptop.

“Hey baby!!!” One of his Ɓîtçhes came out of the elevator and started rushing to him.

“You even look Șëx¥ on a wheelchair, can’t believe you slayed the wheelchair too” she said, and Fernando sighed.

“Tyler tell her to go away, I’m not in the mood” he said.

“What!” Tyler, Chelsea, Mrs Williams and Mr Moore shouted at once.

Did Fernando really just say that?

“You heard me right, Tyler” he said and started pedalling himself to the lab.

“Baby!” The lady shouted after him.

“You need to leave now, it’s the president’s orders” Tyler said.

“No, Fernando will never turn down a Pů$$¥, I’m sure he didn’t say that” the Ɓîtçh replied, and Tyler had to call on the guards to throw out the lady, then he rushed after Fernando.

“What just happened?, Am I the only one who saw the president turn a lady down?” Mr Moore said, still looking like he saw a ghost.

“I definitely saw it too” Chelsea replied

“President’s lips got bursted, that’s all I’m worried about right now” Mrs Williams said worriedly.

Luxury kept working on her laptop, pretending not to notice all that’s going on.

“Luxury, did he really get hurt because of you?” Chelsea asked carefully, and she slowly looked up.

“Sure, but I never told him to” she said and took her laptop.

“I’m gonna go print my research” she said and left the office.

“Why do I feel this ominous air between them?” Mr Moore said suspiciously.



Princess hasn’t been able to distribute even one of the flyers, she has been lying on her favorite corner since she left the house.

Tears kept coming out of her eyes, and no one seems to even care about her, they just kept walking past her.

She’s hungry, and the menstrual pains is another problem, so right now…. she’s in hell.

The piece of clothe she used as a pad is so wet with blood right now, she needs to change it and clean up, but no strength to even do that, and she hasn’t even distributed anything, granny Kate would kill her.

It’s not her first time though, she experiences this pain every month, and she’s used to getting stained with her menstrual blood.

“My….my tummy” she cried hurtfully, moving slowly on her spot.

“Princess!” Sarah suddenly ran into the corner.

“My.. tummy” she winced, and Sarah helped her sit up.

“Are you ok your flow?, Your gown is stained with blood” she said urgently.

“It hurts” Princess cried again, and another person walked into the corner. Nathan.

“Princess!, What’s wrong!” He ran to them and tried to touch her but Sarah shielded her from him.

“Who are you?”.

“Calm down I’m her friend” he said, and Sarah relented, so he held her face.

“Princess, open your eyes and tell me what’s happening” he said, and she opened up slowly.

“Cramps…and…I’m hungry” she muttered painfully, and Nathan bent in front of her.

“Get on my back, I’ll get you to the hospital” he said.

“Her gown is stained with her blood” Sarah replied.

“I don’t mind” Nathan replied, and Sarah helped her to his back.

He stood and ran out of the corner.

He took her to his car and placed her on the backseat.

“Young master, who’s she?” His driver asked.

“Just drive, ok?” He replied, getting in with Sarah.

They drove off, and Miguel’s car came to view.

“Is she ok?” He asked himself and shook his head.

“Why am I getting unnecessarily bothered?, What am I even doing here?” He said and sighed.

“Drive me home” he told his driver, and he drove him outta the market.

Princess was attended to at the hospital, she was given relievers and a pack of tampons, then a change of P@ŋts and clothes.

She’s currently eating at the hospital cafeteria, and Nathan is in front of her, smiling as he watched her eat.

Sarah is beside him, feeling hungry as she watched her eat. Her stomach rumbled.

“Hungry too?” Nathan asked, and she nodded.

Nathan ordered food for her too, and she sat beside Princess, eating fast.

Nathan was still watching Princess when somebody suddenly touched his hair from behind.

He stood immediately and looked back to see Miranda.

“Hey!” She waved.

“Who said you could touch my hair?” He grimaced, and she frowned.

“You don’t know me?, I’m Miranda Coker, the new girl in school and…

“And a dunce who needs a good slap to know I don’t like when strangers touch my hair?” He interrupted, and she blinked.


“Stay away from me, I don’t like girls, especially you” he interrupted and looked at Princess.

She’s just getting done with her food, and she drank some water.

“Let’s go” he grabbed her hand and started taking her out.

“You guys should wait for me!” Sarah shouted, running after them with her plate of food.

Miranda smirked darkly.

“He has a girlfriend?, Is that his girlfriend?, That poor looking thing?, Should I just kill her?” She muttered, and her aunt came out of a different hallway.

She actually followed her here to see a doctor.

“Aunt Kiara!” She smiled, and the lady walked to her.

“I’m done, let’s go” Kiara said, leading the way out.

“I wish my junior sis is still alive” Miranda suddenly said when they got to the park.

“She’s not head, she’s just lost, and we’ll still find her” Kiara replied.

“I’ve just lost all hope, don’t blame me” Miranda replied and entered the car.

“Such a pessimist” Kiara muttered and entered with her, driving away.

“Thanks for all you did, Nathan” Princess said when they got to his car.

“It’s fine, I’m glad you’re ok now, but what kind of a granny treats you so badly?” He replied.

“I believe she’ll change one day” Princess replied.

“Change when she kills you?” Sarah replied sharply.

“I’m strong yunno?, Ain’t dying” Princess replied, and Nathan took her hand.

He rubbed it fondly, and she blinked before looking at him.

“Sorry” he said, letting it go.

The driver drove them to the market, and after dropping her off, the drive to his house started.

“How can I help her out of that hellhole?” He muttered to himself.



Fernando was already in the house when Luxury came back from work.

She should shout at him and tell him to go to his house, but she’s not even in the mood to talk to him.

She left him in the living room and went in to change into ɓȕϻ shorts and singlet, then she came out and continued ignoring him till she entered the kitchen.

She started cooking dinner, and Fernando continued feeling bad in the living room.

She obviously hates the K!SS he forcefully took, so he has been looking for a way to apologise to her, but he obviously found none.

He continued sitting on his wheelchair till she finished preparing dinner and beautified the dinning table with it, then she started eating alone.

He pedalled his wheelchair to her, and she stood immediately.

She drank water and left the dinning table.

She went into her room and came out wearing a jacket over her singlet, then she left the house.

Fernando sighed and got a call from Isabella immediately, but he doesn’t feel like picking, so he ignored it.

Benita called next, obviously to query him about why he’s not picking Isabella’s call, but he’s totally not ready for it so he ignored it too.

Several calls from his flings and Ɓîtçhes, but he ignored it all.

He rested back on his wheelchair and closed his eyes after a loud exhale, but he opened it immediately, and his eyes widened.

Right under the center table is a small Cöçkroach.

“Fůçƙ!, AHHH!!!” He screamed, standing from the wheelchair.

He ran to the only thing he could think of. The fridge.



Spencer was already waiting when Luxury arrived, and she quickly rushed to him.

They actually planned to come here during lunch.

“You must have waited long, so sorry” she said, and he smiled.

“Not really, the movie hasn’t even started” he replied, and she returned his smile, feeling the loud thuds of her heart already.

“Let’s go in” he said and took her hand.

Her heart raced faster as he took her to the entrance where they took their popcorn bowls before going in.

They settled on their seats with the popcorn in-between, and the movie started immediately.

“OMG Riel Dawn!” She almost screamed when the female lead came on screen.

“You a fan of her?” He asked.

“Of course!, I love her after Tatiana” she replied, and he smiled before returning his stare to the movie.

It’s a one hour romance movie, but before it could even get to half, everyone in the cinema were already K!SSing.

“Yuck” she muttered, but almost immediately, Spencer’s lips landed on hers.

Her eyes widened at first, but she got over it almost immediately.

She held his face and K!SSed him harder, but it only took a minute before she broke it.

She looked him in the eye and stood immediately, then she rushed out of the cinema.

Spencer ran after her, and he caught up just beside the car.

“Luxury!” He held her, and she faced him, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry” he pleaded, and she smiled.

“I’m not angry”


“I was just…. shocked. Wasn’t expecting a K!SS from a guy who’s still getting over his dead girlfriend” she replied, and he held her hand.

“Honestly… I’m sorry please” he said, and she nodded.

“Let’s go, movie ruined”

“I’ll make it up to you” he replied.

“Ok” she smiled, and he hugged her.



They got in their cars and each drove home.

Throughout her drive, Luxury kept thinking about the moment his lips touched hers. It was obviously different from when the jerk K!SSed her in the office earlier.

She found herself smiling, and till she got home, she kept it up.

She was expecting to see Fernando in the living room when she arrived, but he’s not there.

“Did he finally leave?” She muttered, but she suddenly saw him on top of the freezer.

“Oh my Fůçƙ!” She shouted, holding her chest.

“You scared me!”

Fernando curled himself up on the freezer, looking so scared.

“Why the hell are you on my freezer?” She said, standing up immediately.

“A Cöçkroach” he replied

“Huh?, Cöçkroach in my house?, Stacy sprayed insecticide before travelling” she said.

“There” he pointed, and she traced his hand to the center table.

True to his words, it’s there.

Luxury was unaware of when she started laughing when she saw it. She laughed so hard that she almost fell.

“So… you’re telling me you climbed my freezer cos of this small insect?, Is there even something you don’t fear?” She said, still laughing uncontrollably.

“Get rid of it” he replied.

“Wait… your legs hurts, how come you were able to climb the freezer?” She suddenly said, and Fernando blinked.

“So your legs are fine, you made a fool out of me” she smirked, and he moved backwards on the freezer.

She went for the Cöçkroach and found out it’s dead, then she swept it out.

That was when Fernando came down from the freezer, and she stood in front of him.

“Why did you lie to me about your legs?” She asked.

“I dunno, maybe i want to find out more about you.. by staying in your house” he replied.

“Why would you want to know more about me?” She raised a brow.

“You’re my employee” he replied, and she sighed.

“You never get tired of that same excuse” she said.

“I love your jacket” he suddenly said, trying to change topic.

“Why?, Because I’m your employee?” She replied.

“No, cos I love colour red” he replied.

“Red?, I’m wearing pink jacket” she replied, and he bit his lip.

“Oh… sorry” he said, and her eyes widened…

“Wait….you’re colour blind?” She said, and he inhaled.

“Yeah, since that terrible thing happened to me when I was young, I became colour blind” he replied, and her eyes widened more.


“I know, right? I have so many secrets” he replied.

“That doesn’t include the fact that you’re a jerk, everyone knows you are” she said, and he smiled out his dimples.

“Not every girl will fall for your dimples” she said.

“It’s not my fault that it comes out anytime I smile” she replied, and she rolled eyes.

“Get ready to leave my house tommorow, I don’t have to be responsible for you anymore since your legs are now ok” she said and made to leave, but he pulled her back.

“Hmm… about the K!SS earlier at the office” he said, and she raised a brow.

“I’m sorry” he said, and her eyes widened.

Fernando just said sorry!


“I’m seriously sorry, I shouldn’t have done it forcefully” he said, and her eyes widened again.

He stepped closer and pulled her into a gentle hug.

“By the way….who did you go out to meet?, Was it a guy?” He asked in a whisper.

“What if it is?” She asked.

“I’ll K!SS you again”


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