December 2, 2023

{ Game Of Hearts… }


Naomi Cindy B.


Spencer’s car pulled up at the fruits market, and he came out with Luxury.

“Which way do we go?” She asked.

“Is it your first time here?” Spencer asked.

“Yeah, Stacy is the one who comes to shop for fruits” she replied.

“Is she not around?” Spencer asked

“Yeah, she flew back to San Francisco this morning. She can’t stay for a week in one country, she’d get sick” Luxury replied.

“Weird” Spencer smiled.

“I know, I can’t spend a week in one country without travelling too, but I have an assignment to take care of this time around, that’s why I’m staying despite the inconvenience” she replied.


“Lead the way to the apples stall” she smiled, and Spencer led the way into the market.

Fernando opened the booth as slowly as possible, peeking out at the busy market.

“Fůçƙ, Fernando you’ve finally gone insane, what the hell am I doing here?” He muttered, feeling so suffocated in the booth.

He made to go out but he stopped himself.

“Fernando Moritz spotted jumping out of a car booth in a fruits market, that sounds too funny for the news headline” he muttered.

“But I’m suffocating, where the hell did they go?, Why would Spencer decide to go with her?, Just why!” He said funnily, and his eyes widened when he remembered something.

He dipped his hands into his pocket and luckily, he found a white handkerchief.

He covered his face with the handkerchief and stepped out of the booth as slowly as possible, to avoid suspicions.

He started running around the market, searching for Spencer and Luxury.

Soon, he saw them in the apples stall, and they’re both picking apples together like couples.

“Why is every of their moves annoying me?” He muttered, hiding to watch them.

“How many apples does Fernando eat at a go?” Luxury suddenly asked Spencer.

“He hates apples” Spencer replied.

“What!” Luxury’s eyes widened.

“He probably told you to get it just to make you suffer” Spencer smiled, and Luxury folded her fists.

“I swear it Spencer, I’m gonna kill him when we get back” she said, fuming with anger.

“Why did that idiot let out my secret?” Fernando said from his hiding place, glaring at Spencer.

“You’ll just eat them yourself” Spencer said

“No, he’ll eat everything…I mean everything” Luxury smiled like a witch, and Fernando swallowed hard.

“Let’s pick more” Luxury said, and Spencer touched her hair, removing a white feathery stuff.

“You had this in your hair” he said, showing her with a big smile.

She looked at him, and their eyes met. They started staring at each other, and Luxury could attest to it that her heart moved for a moment.

Spencer’s heart was racing too, and as they stared, their hearts raced faster

“Why the hell are they staring that way?” Fernando said jealously, and he almost went there…

“Spencer!” Lauren appeared, and that made them snap out of it.

Immediately Spencer saw Lauren, he became vexed, so he grabbed Luxury’s hand and carried the basket, then he started leaving with her.

“Is she your new girlfriend?” Lauren asked slowly, and he stopped to look back at her.

“Yeah, so stay away from me, she’s the jealous type so stop saying hi when you see me” he said, and Luxury’s eyes widened.

“What!” Fernando said as Spencer finally took Luxury out of the stall.

Lauren stared at them till they went out of sight, and Fernando ran out too.

He got to the car first and got back in the booth.

Luxury was avoiding Spencer’s gaze till they got back to the car, but immediately he dropped the fruits on the seat, he faced him.

“That was…. Just to make her stay away, I’m sorry” he said slowly, and she smiled.

“It’s ok, I understand. She’s Lauren Portman, the lady your dad wants you to marry, right?” She said.


“She’s pretty though, and I’ve heard that she’s as gentle as a dove” she replied.

“I don’t care” he said, and she smiled before opening the car door.

They got in together, and he drove them back home.

Immediately they came down and entered the house, Fernando came down and tiptoed to the door.

“Where’s he?, Why am I seeing only his wheelchair?” Luxury said surprisingly.

“Beats me” Spencer replied.

They both started searching for him till they went upstairs, and that was when Fernando came in

He pretended like he was crawling out of the kitchen, and when Spencer came down and saw him, his eyes widened.

“Ďïčk!, Where have you been!” He rushed to help him up.

Fernando pretended to be limping as he guided him to the wheelchair and made him sit.

“I wanted water, so I tried to get it in the kitchen” he lied.

“So you crawled to the kitchen?” Luxury said, coming downstairs.

“Yeah” he replied, and Spencer smiled.

“I have to go now, I have shoots tommorow to prepare for” he said.

“You’re resuming modelling?” Luxury’s eyes lit up

“Sure, thanks to my manager” Spencer replied.

“Aww, can’t wait for the shoots!”

“See you tommorow, take care” Spencer waved as he started leaving.

“You too” she smiled.

Fernando was glaring hard as they smiled at each other.

Spencer left the house, and Luxury finally faced him.

“Now, shall we start the apple eating exercise?” She smiled, and his eyes widened.



“Princess!” Sarah called as she made her way back to the shop.

She stopped to look back at her, and her eyes brightened when she saw her.

“Why haven’t you come since?, I distributed all the flyers alone” she pouted.

“I’m so sorry, I actually found a job so I was busy” Sarah replied.

“Really?, What job?”

“Dishwashing at a restaurant, I get ten dollars per day, at least to eat” Sarah replied.

“That’s better than roaming around, I’m glad you found a job” Princess said, and Sarah grimaced when she saw a fresh wound on her arm.

“You got beaten again?”

“Yeah, cos I mistakenly broke a plate” Princess replied.

“Are you sure you can continue enduring this?” Sarah asked.

“I’m strong” Princess replied, and Sarah hugged her.

“We see tommorow, same time” she said.

“Yeah, bye!”


They parted ways, and Princess walked the remaining distance to the shop.

Granny Kate was already eating dinner when she arrived.

Actually, their house is part of the shop, the shop is just in the front.

“I distributed it all” she smiled.

“Were you supposed to do otherwise?, Witch” granny Kate sneered, and Princess quietly went into her small room.

No food for her anyways,all because of the plate she broke last night.

She took her bath, and that was when she noticed bloodstains on her P@ŋts.

“My period” she said fearfully and rushed out of the bathroom.

She got a piece of clothe from her bag which she folded like a pad, then she wore it with her P@ŋties and sighed.

No money to buy pads, and granny Kate will never buy her one, so she always uses clothes for her period.

Another thing about it is the pains that comes with it. She experiences menstrual pains every month, and it’s always hellish, one will think she’s sick once the pains mixes with hunger.

Soon, the expected pains came, and she held her stomach tightly before curling up herself on the bed, then she started crying slowly.

“My tummy…hurts”



Miguel came downstairs to get water from the freezer, but he saw Margaux tiptoeing towards the kitchen.

He sighed and followed her stealthily, knowing what she’s up to already.

He got there and saw her bringing out alcohol from the cabinet.

“Now I can drink without hindrance” she smiled and K!SSed it before turning to go, but she was shocked to see Miguel.


He walked straight to her and took the alcohol, then he knowingly crashed it on the floor.

“My alcohol” she said like a kid.

“How does it sound that one of the best actresses in Los Angeles is a drunkard?, Don’t you get tired of always wanting to jump off the rails after getting drunk?, Do you even think about us at all?, You now keep alcohol in the cabinets too, really?, I’m so disappointed” he chastised, and Margaux became calm.

“You can go ahead and drink all you want, drink and jump off the rails, I don’t even care anymore” he said meanly and walked out on her.

He went back to his room and slammed the door shut, then he stood behind it and inhaled.

He was about to move when Princess came to his head, and he closed his eyes.

“Not again”



Fernando is on his wheelchair with a bowl of apples in front of him, and Luxury is sitting in front of him, supervising him sternly.

He has already been forced to eat fifteen.

“Are you trying to create an apple Island in my tummy?, I can’t eat it anymore” he said when he picked the sixteenth.

“Eat, or I’ll have to call Fernando dog and make him eat your pencil” she glared, and he started eating fast.

“But my Ďïčk is not a pencil, you won’t know if you don’t taste it” he said, and she glared.

“Yes ma’am” he said and resumed eating the apple.

He ate till the twentieth, his stomach almost bursted.

“I can’t continue!, I can’t!!!” He shouted, and Luxury smiled before standing.

“Goodnight” she said and started going in.

“Where do I sleep?” He asked.

“On the couch” she replied and entered her room, shutting the door.

“My legs hurts, how can I possibly help myself!” He shouted, but no answer came, so he stood from the wheelchair and fell on the couch.

“How wicked of her” he muttered, and the door opened.

Luxury came out, wearing a very transparent nightie, revealing her P@ŋts and ьѓä underneath.

Fernando’s eyes widened as she walked to him, she’s a lot to take in.

He stared from her body to her face, and his eyes stopped on the face.

He’d have returned his eyes to her body if he was sane, but he’s insane right now cos for the first time, he realized how beautiful she was.

She’s beauty itself.

He was unaware of when she got to him and dropped the duvet she was holding on him.

“I’m kind,so I won’t let you freeze to death” she said and smiled again before flaunting her long hair, then she began walking back in.

Her @ss were slapping each other at each step, and he got a hard on as he watched.

She shut the door after going in, and he quickly covered his bulgy Ďïčk with his hand.

“Fůçƙ, what’s she doing to me, Luxury!!!”



“You came late!” Vince said immediately Nathan appeared at the hallway.

“I woke late” Nathan replied.

“I knew it, lazybones” Vince laughed, and Nathan rolled eyes at him.

“Oh please, just because you came to school before me today?” he said , and Vince laughed as they walked to class.

Miranda started coming in the opposite direction, and Vince smiled.

“She’s pretty, swears” he said.

“Princess is more pretty” Nathan replied.

“Who the hell is this Princess you’re always talking about?” Vince asked curiously.

“You don’t need to know” Nathan replied as Miranda finally walked past them.

She was doing everything possible to get noticed, but Nathan didn’t give a Fůçƙ before walking past her, so she pretended to fall

“Ouch!” She winced, hoping Nathan will come back for her.

Truly, Nathan turned back, and she smiled, but it vanished when he walked past her.

“Where are you going?’ Vince asked, running after him.

“The restroom” Nathan replied, and Miranda bit her lip hard.

Other boys offered to help her up, but she declined and hit their hands away before standing on her own.

She continued looking at Nathan till he was completely gone.

“You’ll notice me, you’ll date me” she said dreamily.



Tyler went to Luxury’s place to pick Fernando up, he was the one who brought him a change of suits so he could dress to work.

He brought out his wheelchair and helped Fernando sit on it.

Reporters were already shrouding around, and immediately they saw him, they ran to him.

🎙️ Mr Fernando Moritz, is it true that you got into the accident cos of your new employee?

🎙️ Rumours had it that she’s one of your girlfriends

🎙️ Is she really one of your girlfriends?

🎙️ What’s your say about this?

🎙️ Please answer a question at least.

Luxury’s car showed up, and when she came out, her eyes met with Fernando’s, and he smiled.

“She’s…. Just my employee” he said awkwardly, and Luxury went closer.

She started pushing in his wheelchair, and the reporters still went after them, but the guards blocked them till they’re inside the company.

They entered the elevator, and Fernando smiled, remembering last night at Luxury’s place.

It’s the first night he knowingly slept without Fůçƙing a Pů$$¥, and strangely it felt natural.

It’s also the first time he slept on a couch and ate twenty apples.

He smiled again, and Tyler noticed.

“I guess miss Luxury treated you well at her place” he said.

“Sure, she’s nice” Fernando replied, and Luxury cleared her throat.

“President is back!” Mr Moore shouted immediately they came out of the elevator.

“President, how are your legs faring?”

“Is it better?” Mrs Williams asked.

“Sure” Fernando smiled, and Tyler took over the wheelchair.

He pedalled Fernando into his office, and Luxury took her seat.

“There’s a lot to do today, we’re gonna be busy” Mrs Williams said.

“What should I do?” Luxury asked, and Mrs Williams directed Chelsea to go drop some files on her desk.

“Please make more research on the files, we need them as soon as possible” Mrs Williams said.

“Sure” Luxury replied.

“But… Luxury, do you even date?” Chelsea suddenly asked.

“I dated once, but the outcome was bad” she replied.

“Bad?” Mrs Williams said.

“He got married to my friend, and they even made me the event planner” Luxury replied.

“What!” They all screamed.

“Men are scums!” Mrs Williams shouted.

“Not all men” Mr Moore cleared his throat.

“I hope mine won’t turn out that way though, I have a boyfriend, his name is Silas” Chelsea said.

“That’s her third boyfriend this month” Mr Moore said.

“Third?!” Luxury shouted.

“She changes them like remote batteries” Mr Moore laughed.

“Get to work everyone, enough of the talks” Mrs Williams said, and they all settled down.

It was really a stressful day cus till midday, they were still working.

They could only go for lunch at 12:30, and immediately the time came, Spencer appeared.

“Spencer!” Luxury spranged up.

“You in for lunch?” He smiled.

“You done with your shoots?” She asked.

“Sure, let’s go grab lunch together” Spencer replied and took her hand.

Luxury was smiling as they left the office together.

“You don’t smell something?” Chelsea whispered.

“Maybe he’s finally gonna forget about Kimberly” Mrs Williams smiled.



“Tell Luxury to come take me for lunch” Fernando said after finishing what he had to do.

“She went with Mr Spencer” Tyler replied.

“What!” Fernando’s eyes widened.

“I’ll go print the documents” Tyler said and left the office.

Fernando folded his fists on the table, and his wild imaginations started again.

Luxury and Spencer feeding each other!

“Gawd, my head” he muttered, resting back on his chair.

He didn’t go for lunch, he just continued staying that way till past 1 when Tyler came back into the office.

“Is Luxury back?” He asked.

“Yeah, just now” Tyler replied.

“Call her in” he said, and Tyler left.

Two minutes later, Luxury came in.

Fernando drove his wheelchair away from his desk till he got to her, and he stopped.

“You ate lunch with Spencer and left me here all alone?, I’m on a wheelchair cos of you!” He said angrily, and Luxury smirked.

“Tyler is available, you can always eat lunch with him, I ate lunch with Spencer cos I wanted to!” She said.

“Spencer is more important than your boss?” He said.

“Of course!, He’s a good friend!, Not like someone I know”

“You’re crossing the line, Luxury” he said, looking up at her.

His eyes fell on her lips which were so pink cos she reapplied her lipstick after lunch.

“If you’re planning to rant at me all afternoon again, then Fůçƙ off Fernando Moritz!, I’m not in for it!” She spat and started walking out of the office.

Fernando smirked arrogantly and pushed his wheelchair till he got to her and grabbed her hand.

It was sudden, so she couldn’t hold herself back as she fell on him.

Her Ɓụťť landed on his laps, and a gasp escaped her pink lips.

Fernando leaned in immediately, pressing his lips on hers right there…





TB Continued…

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