December 5, 2023

🌻 A
( A dose of her is all it takes)

Kareem Quratulein

Chapter 28

🦋 Taking the risk for him🦋

Pearl got back to the hospital and she head towards Kingsley’s ward.

His eyes are still close and the machine connected to him kept beeping.

Pearl couldn’t understand why she badly want to give up on him and just continue her life but she is finding it hard to do.

Truly, she has suffered a whole lot for him but she is not ready to give up because even though she badly want to, she just don’t find herself giving up.

She held his hand while staring at him.

“Kingsley, I don’t know what to do again, have tried, have really tried but I don’t know what to do,” she muttered sadly.

She tried to touch his bandage but withdrew her hand when it was just few inches away from connecting with her head. She knew if she touch him, she might hurt him especially now that he is not opening his eyes.

“Can you just wake up and let’s leave this place?” She demanded shaking him but his body remained stiff and just the beeping of the machine is the only sound that resounds in the ward.

Just then, the door opened and the doctor entered.

He stare at her in surprise when he met her in the ward because he was not expecting to see her, he thought she went out to get the money.

Pearl was unaware of the doctor’s presence because she was so focused on Kingsley.

“Miss,” the doctor called and pearl sprang up immediately. The doctor definitely startled her.

“Good afternoon sir,” she bowed a little.

“Afternoon, I thought you went out to get money so we can commence treatment on him,” he said staring at her.

“I really do went out to get some money but things turned sour,” pearl thought biting down on her lower lips.

“Sir, can’t you treat him and when I get money, I will pay you?” Pearl asked.

“No, we do that before but order from above has rejected it,” he replied.

“Okay,” she muttered sadly.

“Yeah. Please be fast about it so we won’t lose this gentleman,” he stated before walking out of the room.

Pearl walked back to him and held his hand.

“Let me quickly go and hawk and see how much I will get, please be strong for me till then,” pearl said to him as if he can hear her as she squeezed his hand before walking out of the ward.

Pearl rushed back home and quickly change her cloth into a more free gown before rushing to the bakery to get another set of new bread then head towards the street to hawk.

It was late in the evening when she finished hawking and when she gathered all the money together, it was just 500 dollars.

She let out a sigh as she stares at the money in her hand, and she still want to get him food and also eat from it too.

“Not like I have a choice,” she shrugged her shoulder.

She started walking towards the hospital dragging her feets.

She was just few inches away from the hospital when Elizabeth double crossed her.

“Why did you leave like that yesterday?” Pearl asked her.

“Sorry, something came up,” she replied and pearl nod her head.

“Pearl, you are going to the hospital again?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, I’m still trying to get money for the hospital bill but then we will eat right?” Pearl replied.

“Okay,” Elizabeth replied simply.

“Yeah, let me hurry up before he wake up, even though I don’t know when he will wake up yet,” pearl said and started walking away.

“Pearl, you are just adding to your problems,” Elizabeth suddenly said and pearl stopped on her track as she turned slowly towards her.

“Why did you say that?” She creased her brow in confusion.

“Because you don’t know this guy from anywhere and you want to kill yourself because of him and you are ready to spend all your goods money on him. Isn’t it enough time you leave him and go your own way too, at least nobody asked him to be unfortunate,” Elizabeth said and pearl mouth went agaped.

She stare around to be sure the words are truly coming from Elizabeth, the same Elizabeth that was telling everyone she love Kingsley.

“What happened to your love for him?” She finally find her voice to ask.

“Oh please, loving him doesn’t mean I should allow you to become homeless again, no I won’t, let go of this guy please. He is only going to make you spend on him before he dump you,” Elizabeth said.


“No but, let’s go,” Elizabeth cut pearl off sharply as she grab her hand and together they divert from the hospital and started heading back home.


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